CJ HistoryThe journey begins in Israel - and continues for life!™

Covenant Journey® (CJ) is a corporate expression of Christian believers who profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and join together in prayer, Bible study, and worship. We call the community of believers Covenant Journey Fellowship. CJ’s Doctrinal Statement and Worldview Statement is affirmed by every employee, staff member, and person who works for or represents the ministry.

Our comprehensive Christian worldview provides the foundation for all our ministry programs. These include, but are not limited to, prayer, worship, fellowship, training, education, discipleship, missions, and our Holy Land ministry. 


We have multiple fellowship meetings on our Florida and Washington, DC campuses for prayer, Bible study, and worship. We also have fellowship meetings regionally and in the Holy Land. Visit Fellowship for more information.


The Holy Land Ministry began in January 2007. During their visit to Israel, the founders realized the importance of Christians experiencing the Holy Land to strengthen their faith and better understand the Bible.

Because of their extensive work with youth, in 2014, CJ launched a ministry for college-age students by providing an immersive experience in Israel designed to strengthen their Christian faith. CJ later opened this ministry to people of all ages, including other churches and groups.

Student Tour Ministry 

The Student Tour Ministry is a life-changing immersive experience in Israel designed for Christian college-age students who have leadership potential. CJ underwrites the entire cost except for $500. Visit Student Tour Ministry for more information.

Group Tour Ministry

We provide an unforgettable, life-changing experience in Israel for people of all ages, including other churches and groups. Visit the Group Tour Ministry for more information.


Mobilize offers short-term, long-term, and permanent mission opportunities. Missions include every conceivable calling, skill, and talent. Our mission opportunities include assignments in the United States and abroad. Visit Missions for more information.


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