The journey begins in Israel - and continues for life!™

A life-changing immersive experience in Israel


Student Tour Ministry

The Student Tour Ministry offers a life-changing experience in the Holy Land for Christian college-age student with leadership potential. This Student Tour Ministry is highly subsidized by private donations to make it available to qualified students in the typical age range of 18 to 26.

Group Tour Ministry

The Group Tour Ministry offers a life-changing experience in the Holy Land for people of all ages, including other churches and groups. You can join an existing group or create your own. Our mission is to make your experience in the Holy Land an unforgettable one that strengthens your Christian faith.

This trip has turned my world inside out. I began with what I thought I knew about the Bible... to being slapped in the face with the true REALITY of the life that Jesus lived for me. My faith was truly tested, and extremely strengthened. I am very thankful for this opportunity. I will never be the same.  All of my life I always heard ‘everyone hates the Jews,’ ‘who cares about the Jews?’ I didn't know what to think of this because I knew the Jewish religion was small in comparison to others, so I wondered why they were such a grand topic of discussion. Now after being among them, and watching them just live their lives and practice their religion... I realized that God has blessed them and their land greatly. This is why so many are against Israel... it’s a defiance of God’s word, of God’s truth, of God’s promise. I stand with the Jews …. This trip will completely transform your life mentally and spiritually. You will be stretched to BELIEVE what you see, and you will be more in tune with God’s heart and God’s vision for the land of Israel, as well as the world. It has brought upon me a responsibility, a call to action, to bring awareness to the world why we MUST stand with Israel.Karley R